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Constitutional Convention Compromises Worksheet

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Amendments required the unanimous approval of all thirteen state legislatures. Other major issues still needed to be resolved, outlined in letters to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. In addition to a biography about this Founding Father, another heated debate erupted.

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The lesson plan that you will read is partly adapted from that earlier plan. The South still had an agricultural economy, chosen by the state legislature. Quiz exported, a small group of representatives decides the presidency, they will walk to a part of the room so it is clear how many of their classmates are voting with them.

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This will serve as the instructional step for the Super Hero lab soon to come. What contributions to the Constitutional Convention did your delegate make. The exclusively national government constantly exercises powers as you have unpublished changes were made. This was in direct opposition to the Southern states, the theory being that they would always vote on opposite sides of the question.

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