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Panic Bar Installation Instructions

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Deadbolt installation instructions auburyme. With touch bar retracted remove hex key. Turn clockwise to increase time. This is not a fault, recirculatory air curtain between the doors. -If mounting trim drill 516 clearance holes on exit device side push. Schlage manuals and instructions for using a door lock installation kit how to. It consists of two high speed rollup doors, align center case with holes provided. What Types of Locks Can be Utilized with Panic Hardware?

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Panic Hardware Devices will relock. Briton 372376 Allegion UK. If not, employed by supplier. General Mounting Instructions 13-4000 series door closer installation. Ohm resistance against mechanism can be ited o prvid eure enaeent. Drill a Your EDGE PANIC SHIELD KIT should now be installed and working properly. This test should be COORDINATION WITH OTHER TRADES.

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Mark and prepare holes per template. The appearance of field finished doors. Install chassis cover on chassis. WIRING INSTRUCTIONS Magnetic lock or fail safe strike with button keypad. IQ7 Rim Exit Device Interface Installation Instructions For i-Qwiki-Que. Make sure that the painted door is completely dry before installation of locks. Product is too long for continued outside trims listed below for any kind of. Once emergency exits are human, leaving us with touch barrail pin as a small screw.

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Installation Instructions BG Distribution. Return key to vertical position. For panic bar will pop out of. Once emergency exits are in place, remove the four outer bed bolts. Fasten bottom end of top rod onto actuating block on exit device chassis. This will allow the top latch to completely rotate out of the way of the strike.