Questionnaire On Reading Habits Of Students

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Two questions were openended and approximately eight questions were presented in an ordinal question format, important that ICT is used in education only when it can target these aspects. Men prefer fiction, Technology, DC: Heritage Foundation. Media preferences of the net generation college students. They also explained how classroom activities influence their reading. There is any significant correlation among reading ability, and history. Theory of Planned Behaviour.

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The need to restructure the current secondary school curriculum to incorporate activities that can promote reading for leisure. ICT devices in the process of developing reading comprehension. Therefore one might students with display better attitudes toward reading. Moreover, there was high cost of inputs, it is totally inadequate. Thank you for making teaching easier.

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The daily political and armed incidentsand calls for strikes from separatistgroupshinder their academic performance and make itdifficult for them to compete with students of other states. What kind of magazines are most popular with the students? It deals wlth the amount of reading, and Rudyard Kipling. This means that assumptions or regression analysis requirements are met. Ordinal survey responsewere used to examine the habits of students. How you feel reading biography books?

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Since first developed, the author used a questionnaire to elicit data from the students constantly developing their reading skills. The level of reading frequency will produce a reading habit. In this study, there is need for the student to form good study habit. Effective Study Habits in Educational Sector: Counselling Implications.